Monday, June 14, 2010

so much to learn from our dogs

In my life I am working hard to be more aware. To appreciate what's around me and to accept things as they are without working myself into a tizzy about it. For some people, this is an easy task, for me it's often not.
One thing I have found most amazing about Rosie is her ability to roll with whatever comes her way. For the most part, Rosie appears to be quite happy and secure in her life. It doesn't matter if she's having a good day or a bad day. Even if she isn't feeling well, she's happy to see those she loves and it shows. She enjoys nearly all adventures we take together, always taking time to stop and smell the stories that came before her. Rosie does not judge new people, she finds out if they like her by showing them she wants to be friends. If it doesn't work out, she moves on. Simple.
Here is a shot of Rosie on a recent row boat trip in Sitka. This was Rosie's first time in a row boat and she embraced it as she does most everything else. She looked around at the beauty and sniffed out the stories.

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