Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, we aren't going to be able to hike the Chilkoot Trail this summer. The reality is that we just have too much to do on our house over the next two months. The thing about being a grown up, I suppose, is that sometimes you have to make the responsible choice, not the fun choice. Bummer. We are committing ourselves, for that time frame anyway, to be grown ups. Which is probably a good thing, given the heating situation in our 100+ year old house.

We needed to simplify, to take something off our plate. These days everyone seems so busy. Two year old's have "play dates," a term that clearly has developed out of our overly packed schedules and the need to "pencil" it all in on a given date and time. As I am working to not freak out over little things, simplification is becoming more and more integral in the way I strive to live my life - and mind you, I am not there yet!

One way I notice if my life is out of control is when I get too busy to take Rosie for a walk. That's when I put on the breaks and try to regain control. I need those walks just as much as Rosie does and that's the truth. Those of us with dogs get the added bonus of religiously getting outside, rain or shine, to walk our four legged family members. What a joy! When all the responsibilities of being a grown up hit me over the head, going back to the simple task of taking Rosie out for a walk lightens my load and refreshes my brain.

We won't get to hike the Chilkoot Trail this summer, and that is too bad. We will however, make strides toward the long journey of making our home into what we envision it to someday be. We will take long walks with Rosie, harvest fresh greens from our garden and do our best not to pencil in all our spare time. The Chilkoot Trail will have to wait.

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