Saturday, June 19, 2010


We just got back from an overnight at Peterson Lake cabin. It's a drive "out the rode" here in Juneau and then a hike that's a bit over four miles. It's peaceful and quiet there and there's a little row boat on the lake that we spent a lot of time playing with. It was, as the cabins always are, a perfect retreat from the worries and stressors of every day life.

For me, there are few things more satisfying than a walk in the green woods w/ my husband, my dog, and a correctly fitting pack. The lush colors and chirping of song birds just can't be replicated. We are so lucky to have places like this in our backyard. Places where we can listen to the silence and breath in the crisp smells of the earth.

Rosie and I went for a row early this morning. We listened and watched as a loon cried her haunting song on the lake and the other birds chirped and chattered in the stillness of the new day. It was the quietest and most settled I have felt in quite some time and I found my mind NOT wondering! Rosie and I just sat together and enjoyed the moment. Perfect.


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