Friday, November 5, 2010

a big trip for a little dog

Once again I have been remiss in posting on this blog. Rosie, Bret and I have just returned from a two and a half week trip, most of which was spent driving all over New England, visiting friends and family who we just don't get to see often enough. It was a very busy and very fun trip. And best of all was how settled Rosie was with all of it. She was a traveling champ! She met several other dogs on the trip and other than her occasional food guarding, she did great. She snoozed in the car on long and short drives. She happily made friends where ever we went and she even spent an evening in New York City!
I was truly amazed at her ability to just roll with whatever the plan was - it was so fun. Each time we travel with her I am just so happy to have her with us.
One great product we use when we travel with Rosie is called Dog Appeasing Pheromone or DAP. Which really helps to ease the process for her. I will write about that in a separate post.
Now, we are settling back into rainy Juneau life. Here is a shot of Rosie in a Jack O' Lantern patch in Worcester, MA. I must admit, she's pretty darn cute!