Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi! Welcome to Little Dog in the Big North.

This blog will tell the story of a sweet lil' Chihuahua living in Juneau, Alaska. Rosie Mae is 8lbs of fearless fun. She kayaks, she hikes mountains in the snow, she cuddles and loves, she does hilarious tricks that make most anyone with a heart smile, and mostly...she is a part of a family.

As anyone with dogs knows, they are a full member of the family. This little one is not only an integral part of our family, she might have more friends in Juneau than we do! Rosie is excited to tell you about all she has learned in her one year of life and is looking forward to sharing future adventures with you!

Living in Alaska isn't always easy when you are 8lbs and meant to live in warm climates, but Rosie has learned a few tricks she think other's might want to know. She loves her pals and all the fun things she gets to do in the big north! We hope you will read along in the tails of Rosie's life. She hopes to share yummy pup recipes, warm and dry clothing tips, fun adventures and much much more! Thanks for taking a look and stay tuned...

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