Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rosie Eats a Tuna Fish Sandwich

Rosie is not able to help out with the blog today because she is sleeping off a food hangover. Last night we went to dinner at our friend's house and left Rosie and Zoe home. When we got home a few hours later, we discovered that Rosie had pulled out my husband's uneaten lunch, a tuna fish sandwich - with cheese, and eaten everything except for one piece of bread! I am convinced the only reason she hadn't finished the sandwich is that we interrupted her.

You can imagine how large her little tummy looked! She seems to have recovered alright, aside from being a bit constipated.

Lesson learned: Make sure your house is doggie proofed before you leave the pups home alone - for Rosie, leaving out any easily accessible food is a big no no!

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