Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trying New Things

Rosie is a champ at trying new things, here she is riding in the back of a truck. Don't worry, we were going slow on a rural Alaska road.

Exposing your pup to new things is a great way to raise a dog who can adapt to changes without becoming too anxious or stressed out.

Here are some tips on making the exposure to new things a success:

- Remember to use what motivates your dog. As we said before, for Rosie, that's food. When Rosie is exposed to something new, she get's food. For example, when she went kayaking for the first time, I gave her lots of treats during the process. This helped her to have a good association with being in a kayak. For some dogs, this could have been bringing along a favorite toy.

- Make sure that you're not making your dog take on too much at once. If they need reassurance, give it to them. If you know your dog, you'll know when they need your support.

- If it really isn't working and your dog is just too stressed out - stop the activity. You can try again, but start VERY slow - and don't force it.

- As with anything you do with your pup, have fun and be patient.

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