Friday, October 2, 2009

Rosie's Coat Review

Being of a warm climate heritage, Rosie Mae is not totally cut out for Alaska's inclement weather. That being said, we have found one coat that serves as a fantastic accommodation for Rosie's shiver prone body. The K-9 Overcoat by Ruffwear makes things possible all times of the year for Rosie.

On an earlier post you saw a picture of a soaking wet Rosie in her Overcoat - well, under that coat, she was totally dry. The coat is insulated with recycled fleece and is enclosed with durable recycled polyester, so you can rejoice that it is eco-friendly! It is wind and water resistant according to Ruffwear - but I have never seen it soak through on Rosie even in Southeast Alaska's driving rain. It also has reflective material on the sides and a spot to put a light for safety - which is extra great when you're less than a foot tall!

Another super thing about this coat is that it has clips on the side. It is a cinch to put on and it will stay on. This is true dog outdoor gear made for true dog outdoor activities, this is not for decoration. Rosie is regularly on the go in this coat and is able to participate in a lot of activities she would otherwise be miserable doing.

One draw back of this coat is its' price point - the coat costs $59.99 - which is a bit spendy. That being said - it holds up great, it doesn't fall off so it won't be lost, it does just what Ruffwear say's it will do if not more - and it doesn't look completely ridiculous. We think it's worth the money and we give it a solid 5 Bones, our highest score!

Here is Rosie hiking up the side of a mountain last winter on Valentines day. This activity would not have been possible without the K-9 Overcoat. Thank you, Ruffwear!

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  1. Neka says, good thing Rosie got her coat before you got your house!